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60 difficult words with meaning

Meaning #1: To supervise and watch over something. If Ms. Smith doesn’t believe you when you tell her that your dog ate your homework, I’ll back you up. Meaning #2: To remove small particles from a surface. Something that is customary is normal and expected in a certain culture. Antonym and Synonym : Click here, Meaning: move at great speed Many questions in the competitive exams are directly related to your vocabulary skills. Dealing with difficult words and sentences Dealing with difficult words and sentences. Learn English Prepositions with Music: 30+ Songs That Go Over, Through and Beyond Grammar, Learn English through Movies and Film: A Complete Guide, 8 Great Tips to Learn English Through Songs and Music, 9 Awesome Channels to Learn English on YouTube, 10 Best 90′s Sitcoms for English Learners, 12 English Podcasts Every English Learner Should Listen To, 20 Essential American Slang Words for English Learners, 20 Essential English Idioms for Sounding Like a Native. What’s the hold up? Here we collect 100 hot new words, including meanings and sentences, to show you the alive English in today's media and communications. English is full of contradictions: ideas that are opposed to one another. underlying. season. sham. Sentence: Hitherto, schools mainly emphasized on role learning, now the focus is on the all round development of the child. I originally thought I’d come back home, but I wound up staying at Sarah’s house last night. Meaning #1: Restrained and held in place. The word “nonplussed” comes from Latin, and means “no more.” It’s used to mean a state of being where nothing more can be said or done, like when you are so confused by something you don’t know how to react. It might have been thanks to an Americanism (a word or slang term specific to America) that eventually got accepted into the language. The second meaning of the word comes from the 1500s, when people started using it to mean “to choose not to see something.”. FluentU brings English to life with real-world videos. He missed his flight because he had accidentally left his passport in his bedroom. Antonym and Synonym : Click here, Meaning: Not easily subdued or remedied. He IS ON anti-depressants and has become very difficult to please. Here is today’s 10 English words with their meaning (English/Hindi), a sentence, antonyms and synonyms. The policemen dusted the crime scene for prints. So, to pick a list of "the 100 hardest words," we started with a very long list of very difficult words, then started throwing out words that had some of the same elements of difficulty and we continued to cull words until we found what we perceive to be some of the hardest words to spell. Meaning: A large number of people of a particular group. Slang words: thousands of popular slang words with different types. He IS really ON right now- three goals in five minutes! difficult to understand. We update this section on daily basis even if you are not able to find any word typed in the search box, our database will save that word and it will be available in the next 24 hours with complete and comprehensive way. It’s the past tense of the verb “to leave.” When you leave your home, you are moving away from someplace. Account for. Meaning: having or showing a disinclination for physical examination. ... Information about the meaning of the word can come from the meanings of the other words in the context. Let me show you some important words which have multiple meaning as per the … On the other hand, an alarm or a bomb also “go off” when the alarm sounds or when the bomb explodes. The word comes from two different roots, so technically, it’s a homonym (two words that are spelled the same and sound the same but have different meanings). But they’re still confusing and contradictory! There were literally thousands of butterflies flying all around us. accost. Antonym and Synonym : Click here, Meaning: Individual or peculiar It’s really dark in my room at night when the light is off. Useful vocabulary List for competitive and academic exams. “This is a hold-up!”), but it’s outdated. So many people use the word incorrectly, though, that the “wrong” meaning has become accepted. All Rights Reserved. Short Tricks for Data Interpretation missing questions, Tips to Improve your Quant for Various Exams, Tips to Solve Syllogism Possibility Case Questions, Coding – Decoding: How to Solve Such Questions, India’s Youngest Patent Holder: Hridayeshwar Singh Bhati, Self-motivation and Determination: Story of Shalini Saraswathi, The pains which made Super 30 – Anand Kumar, SBI: Recruitment in Specialist Cadre on contract basis. When you have an original idea, it’s a new idea that no one has thought of before. Sentence: The ignominy of being defeated by his arch rival was difficult for him to endure.

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