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inuit word for wolf

Or really, if you have any type of northern dog breed. An Amarok, or Amaroq, is a gigantic wolf in Inuit mythology, said to stalk and devour any person foolish enough to hunt alone at night.Unlike wolves who hunt in packs, amaroks hunt alone. You may also take into consideration names with meanings related to “little bear”, such as the words “cub” or “bear”. A known bearer of this name is the Inuit artist Imona Natsiapik (b. Saying wolf in Asian Languages. Found 0 sentences matching phrase "wolf".Found in 0 ms. They’re also a great choice if you hail from Alaska, love to visit or are simply fascinated with “The Last Frontier” state. Saying wolf in African Languages. 0 0. This is the translation of the word "wolf" to over 100 other languages. In Cherokee wolf is waya and the Siox word for wolf is Skunkmanitu. Please find below many ways to say wolf in different languages. The Inuit word for an Inuit snow house is Igluvigak. We are committed to an understanding of the wolf, its natural history, its varied relation to humans throughout the ages, and its role as a major symbol in folklore, myth, legend, art and religion, through education, science and public awareness. Showing page 1. Saying wolf in Middle-Eastern Languages. Saying wolf in European Languages. What is the Inuit/Eskimo word for "wolf" and how is it pronounced? Vocabulary in Native American Languages: Inuktitut Words (Eskimo, Inuit) Welcome to our Inuktitut vocabulary page! Inuktitut, also known as Inuit or Eskimo, is a Eskimo-Aleut language, related to other languages like Yup'ik and Aleut. Wolf in Inuit is amarok, some translators use amoroq. wolf translation in English-Inuktitut dictionary. ... ILA f Inuit Yupik word for "companion" or "associate." For instance, the name “Mishka” stands for “little bear” in Russia, which would go well with pups such as the Borzoi. It is often said that the Inuit have dozens of words to refer to snow and ice.Anthropologist John Steckley, in his book White Lies about the Inuit (2007), notes that many often cite 52 as the number of different terms in Inuktitut.This belief in a high number of words for snow and ice has been sharply criticized by a large number of linguists and anthropologists. Choose an Inuit name for your male or female dog using the list below or use these Inuit names as inspiration for a different dog name. ILANNAQ f Inuit. The first thing to consider would be the origin of the name. ANIK m Inuit. I have tried looking it up online, but I would like a legit answer from someone who has this cultural background or is at least very familiar with it, please. AMARUQ m & f Inuit Inuit meaning "grey wolf." Source(s): inuit eskimo word quot wolf quot pronounced: Translation memories are created by … 1966). ANNIAGRUK f Inuit. Alaskan dog names are perfect if you have an Alaskan breed like the Husky, Malamute or American Eskimo. APAATA m Inuit. IMONA f Inuit Meaning unknown at this point in time. Since November 1988 Wolf Song of Alaska has distinguished itself as a highly visible and internationally respected organization. We have included twenty basic Inuktitut words here, to compare with related American Indian languages. Inuit dog names are a great choice for owners of any dogs with an Arctic history or for those who have an interest in the Arctic regions of Alaska, Canada, and/or Greenland.

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