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how to remove blue hair dye with vitamin c

The best ways to fade your hair color at home include using baking soda and anti-dandruff shampoo, vitamin C, and vinegar. Do Collagen Pills Actually Work? So this most recent time that I did the vitamin C, I had permanent black hair dye in my hair. You’ll need: This is a really easy process: When you have already removed all the dye from your hair, then you can safely apply a new hair color of your choice. Lather and leave in for 10 minutes. Rest your hair in between treatments – don’t get one every day! Whichever you choose, you should use a 1-to-1 ratio of baking soda and shampoo. Log in. Bath salts, which can be purchased at drug stores, grocery stores, … Condition and dry your hair as you usually would. For the Vitamin C treatment I mixed a bunch (anywhere from like 5-10) of 500mg tablets with some Head and Shoulders shampoo. It was still super fresh, as in, the black still came out in the tub water when I washed it. Massage the mixture into the hair to maximize the potency of the mixture. Transfer the powdered Vitamin C into your bowl and add in your shampoo of choice. Rinsing your hair thoroughly  and well will prevent the hair dye molecules from reattaching after the Vitamin C treatment. But be careful not to burn yourself! Because When i died my hair it accidentally went black!! Apply to wet hair, just like ordinary shampoo. Cover your hair … If you have very dry hair, I recommend adding 1 tbsp of conditioner to the mixture. What you need to do: If you’re working with Vitamin C tablets, put them in a ziploc bag and crush into a fine powder something like a rolling pin. This won’t lighten natural hair, but will help remove or lighten hair dye. Add more Vitamin C if the consistency is still too watery. If you’re working with Vitamin C tablets, put them in a ziploc bag and crush into a fine powder something like a rolling pin. If possible, you may wear protective eye gear before washing off the shampoo. I repeat, dry, not wet! I swear up and down about vitamin c dye lifting. So, you’ve dyed your hair and its come out too dark? ... A good shampoo, preferably one which leaves your hair nice and soft. Buy the powder, developer, and other materials you’ll need (like an applicator brush and rubber gloves) at your local beauty supply store. Wear a shower cap on your hair and and let your hair sit for about 60 minutes. The ends of the hair seem to grab the color much quicker due to its porosity. Dish soap is made to break up oil on dishes, which it will also do to your hair, so beware … MORE: How to Remove (Some) Hair Color At Home Though vitamin C does a solid job at gently stripping away hair dye, leaving you with a lighter … Dish Washing Soap with Shampoo: Sounds scary right? Be careful not to let the shampoo enter your eyes as the vitamin powder can cause a severe burning sensation and leave your eyes red and watery. A good shampoo, preferably one which leaves your hair nice and soft. You can also use a spice grinder to get a super fine texture. Then I got my hair damp and lathered it in and let it sit for about 40 minutes, and then just washed it out. Now use warm water to wash off the mixture of Vitamin C powder and shampoo from your hair. Its best if you do this inside your mixing bowl. I found this method on the internet; I’m not a professional hair dresser so I’m not entirely sure how this works. Do this for a few days or until the dye completely fades. The results of this technique will greatly depend on the shade of your dye, the quality of your hair, other factors. so i researched natural remedies to remove hair dye and came across this. Honestly it worked wonders on my hair. A few vitamin C tablets. - The Beauty Info Provider, How to participate in the Kansas City Zoo survey, How to Do Hand and Foot Natural Spa Treatments at Home, Why Air Drying Your Face is Better for Your Skin, 15-25 Vitamin C tablets or 1/4-1/2 cup of ascorbic acid powder, 1/4-1/2 cup shampoo (clarifying shampoo works best but any shampoo will do). 1. Next, pop a shower cap on your head, or wrap up your hair in cling-film, or use an old plastic bag. Basically it's crushing several vit c tabs in a dish mix with a clarifying shampoo & leaving it on for between an hour to two. This is important! It does its job well though and doesn’t damage your hair like bleach can. When wanting to remove any hair dye, you need to consider the most easiest, and safest ways such as hot oil treatments, medicated shampoo, or Vitamin c. You may also want to consider to avail services like laser hair removal by All you have to do is crush some Vitamin C tablets and mix it with shampoo. Mix it thoroughly to get a smooth mixture. How to Remove Dye with a Vitamin C Treatment. This makes the dye chemicals more resistant to removal. It appears most say work on a 2 to 1 ratio (2 parts shampoo to 1 part vitamin c). The mixture will become one massive frothy mess … Because I do this quite a lot, I use vitamin c powder, which is available in Holland and Barrat’s for around £6. Its relatively easy and you will end up with a fine powder. Similar to the way vitamin C works on your colored hair, the acid in vinegar also removes the hair dye from your hair without damaging your scalp and natural hair. Or you’re bored of pink and fancy going lilac? Vitamin C Hair Color Remover: rated 4 out of 5 on MakeupAlley. Removing dye with Vitamin C is the best and easiest home remedy. (around 500mg is a good start, but as different brands put different amounts in each tablet you might have to work it out.) Once the color is completely gone, I’ll likely head over to my stylist for a complete color re-do. Vitamin c mixed with sulphate shampoo didn't do much for me, but ColorB4 removed the semipermanent dye and probably some of the permanent dye underneath as well, because the result was a golden, sandy blonde, lighter than when I dyed it blonde (before applying the semi). or Register to comment. After the hour is over, wash your hair with warm to hot water for a minimum of 5 minutes. Apply this mixture on your damp hair. Your hair will more than likely drip down onto your shoulders, and dye can stain clothes. use hair bleach. After messing about with so many colours & colour b4 not working for me, I've come across the vitamin c hair colour removal method. 3.) You know how ascorbic acid oxidizes quickly? (around 500mg is a good start, but as different brands put different amounts in each tablet you might have to work it out.)

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