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tokyo subway pass for tourist

You can get it at BiC Camera at Yurakucho Station. Or is it a must to go to the station attendant. Hi there, can this pass get you on the Tokyo-Monorail to get to Shimbashi Station from Haneda Airport International Terminal? Is the Tokyo Metro card valid for travel to Narita Airport? * For the available ticket types contact each information. . Yes there is. BIC CAMERA Yurakucho Store, BICQLO BIC CAMERA Shinjuku East Store, BIC CAMERA Akasaka-mitsuke Station Store, BIC CAMERA Ikebukuro Main Store, BIC CAMERA Shibuya East Store, BIC CAMERA Shibuya Hachiko Store, BIC CAMERA Shinjuku East Store, BIC CAMERA Shinjuku West Store, Bic Drug SHIDAX Shinjuku Central road shop, The Ikebukuro east exit. Why don’t you say 1-day instead of 24-hours for the pass? So if my 5 yrs old kid is FOC, how she gonna go through the entrace and exit gate of each station?tq very much. Toden offers 1-day passes to enjoy sightseeing in the downtown areas … Shame I won’t be able to use the subway pass as I come into Tokyo at 10.30pm and the counter closes at 10pm. * For more information please contact Northern Iwate Transportation, [Tokyo Metro Pass Offices, Tourist Information Office]. Let’s say that I want to reach Shinjuku. Covers all over Japan and how to reach major tourist attractions.Maps are in English and Japanese. There is a 24, 48, and 72-hour pass, which covers the Tokyo Metro and Toei Subway lines that cover over 200 stations throughout the city. But you can just show your Tokyo metro pass to the station attendant and they’ll calculate the difference you owe later upon exit. Normally, it would cost around 1300 yen. Sorry I never got back. I already know, that I can’t use the tickets you described to drive Keisei (I will buy 3-day pass) so I will purchase a Suica as well. The short answer is no, but you can take most of them to about 200 stations throughout Tokyo. I m still confused. Cost: 29,110 yen for adult for 7-day ordinary pas… As a tourist you can get the pass for 24-48 and 72 hours valid for all subway and metro lines except for JR line. Thank you very much for the immediate and useful reply . Thanks! It means that you’re using up a day for both, but not maximizing either. and I use it on the Keisei-Takasago gate Information regarding tickets for domestic visitors residing outside of Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama, Chiba, Ibaraki, Tochigi, Gunma and Yamanashi as well as overseas visitors. ), Shinjuku Head Office, Shinjuku 3-chome, Ginza Head Office, Ginza Core and Harajuku. Because if I choose to pay with Suica at the entrance of Takasago, I will be charged for the Takasago-Higashi trip (as Higashi is the first station when I will go outside the train and where I will go through the gates). Your residence card will prove you’re out of province anyway. Am i correct to assume the easiest (cheapest) way for us to move around is to dayly pay the ride on the JR train to SHINJUKU and abck…and then use a 72H pass to move around the City? Can I use the Tokyo metro pass on 100 yen , WE bus? People like the JR Pass more because it’s a simple loop that takes you to most of the highlight areas but not beyond. Book a 24-hour, 48-hour, or 72-hour Tokyo Subway Ticket for unlimited travel around the city. Thank you very much for the super quick response. It can be settled with a station attendant if you enter with the pass but exit with the suica. I m in tokyo for 4 full days n i m visiting places like sibuya n shinjuku.also visiting places like the Ginza n tokyo.towers. Do I need to use my pass right way? Subway pass looks like it is much cheaper. This means that it is valid from the first stop in the Asakusa line. If purchasing in Tokyo, purchase from the stores above (show your passport). Discount tickets for unlimited travel on all Tokyo subway (Metro and Toei) lines. This means that in theory, you get those 7 stops free and you would be able to pay the difference. Check the website for specific availability information. **Note: The Tokyo Subway Pass / Tokyo Metro Pass is sold at specific locations. Once you get the ticket, insert it into the gate at the subway. Not sure if she can get me one. ), I am sorry if I caused a confusion. to travel to shinjuku and then other places. Upon purchase, your IC or Non-IC Express Ticket will be marked to show that it has been used to purchase a 「Tokyo Subway Ticket」. Thanks! The day pass has a child fair. hi, amazing post very informative, but i have a question, im staying at tokyo for 6 days, can i buy two tickets for 72 hours?, thank you in advance. You can buy your pass(es) and keep them for later use. The Tokyo subway (東京の地下鉄, Tōkyō no chikatetsu) is a part of the extensive rapid transit system that consists of Tokyo Metro and the Toei Subway in the Greater Tokyo area of Japan. Only travellers showing passports with a valid travel visa can purchase. You need to insert the ticket to exit the gates. thank you! As I discovered to my sorrow, there is a difference between the train and the subway. Available to customers who have reserved/boarded a domestic ANA flight arriving into Haneda Airport (including codeshare flights [ADO, SFJ, SNA] booked with an ANA flight number) and who can present a Boarding Information card or Security Certificate, available at the departure airport. For example, I would have to take multiple subway lines to get from Ikebukuro to Ueno using the Tokyo Metro Pass, but I could also take the Yamamote Line so, how does it figure out which line I used? You can also pay with bills and they will give you the difference. Personally, I recommend that you just pay for a 1-way direct ticket from Haneda Airport and just activate the pass later. The added advantage of buying this pass compared to the Common One-day Ticket for Tokyo Metro & Toei Subway mentioned above is that, there are 3 … They’re slow and have little English support or navigation. I’m staying in Tokyo for 13 days. This is a steal of a price, so just buy it. Use Google maps to see whether it’s covered by the Tokyo metro and Toei subway. 「Tokyo Subway Ticket」 covering a longer period than the length of your visit cannot be purchased. You can insert your ticket up until the expiry time and exit another station after the expiry time. (1) Information counter by the ticket gates in the Keikyu Line Haneda Airport Domestic Terminal Station (7:00 am to 8:00 pm). You charge them with money, swipe them at a ticket gate and your fare is automatically deducted. Hi Athena, Child: 800 yen Where to buy: Available at JR stations, major subway stations (Tokyo, Shinjuku, Shibuya, Ginza, etc.) This is good for short trips or a stopover in Tokyo and need to travel to/from the airport within a 1-3 day period. Stef. The train will continue into Tokyo as the Toei Asakusa Line. Here’s a summary of the answers I’ve provided: Generally, the pass cannot be used to get to and from Narita Airport. I am considering getting the 7 day JR pass and then using the 72 hour metro pass towards the end of my 12 day trip. A content marketing strategist and consultant. Tokyo Subway Tickets covering a period longer than the length of your visit cannot be purchased. This is good for longer trips. Lists and Translations for Non-English Places. It is located 60 kilometers outside of central Tokyo. Correct? In Tokyo, it is entirely possible to ride a single train through tracks owned by 3 different companies at three different parts. They will tell you what remainder fee you need to pay. Refunds are only available at the place of purchase and can only be issued in the case of unused, valid tickets with a dedicated envelope that verifies their sale at the place of purchase. for Tokyo.Train tickets are not sold separately. I’ll go to Mita Station from Haneda Airport. How is this different from the SUICA and PASMO cards I hear about? I suggest buying the pass after arriving at the airport. 1. Once your subway becomes a train, you will need to pay for the remaining portion. the point is, none of them states if its tokyo metro or toei. The summary point is: use your pass to get into the station. It just bundles that extra ride for you. 2) I don’t leave the train at Oshiage when it changes into Toei Asakusa line, I stay in it till Shimbashi All the best! Your pass is valid for 72 hours meaning that you can enter until the 72th hour, not that you have to exit. The pass can be purchased at the airport in advance and is activated only when you insert the ticket into the turnstyle. Hi Athena, when I travel to certain destination that requires me to board Tokyo Metro / Toei, but also other company’s line. This means, for example, that you cannot take the Toei Subway Mita, Shinjuku, Oedo, Asakusa lines. The 24, 48, 72-hours are continuous and are counted the moment you first insert your pass. Information on the ticket that is valid for all lines of Tokyo Metro and Toei Subway for 24 hours, 48 hours or 72 hours from the travel starting time during the valid period, Tokyo Subway 24-hour Ticket – Adult: 800 yen, Child: 400 yen, Tokyo Subway 48-hour Ticket – Adult: 1,200 yen, Child: 600 yen, Tokyo Subway 72-hour Ticket – Adult: 1,500 yen, Child: 750 yen, Tokyo Subway 24-hour Ticket: Valid for 24 hours after first use within the expiry date stated on the back of the ticket, Tokyo Subway 48-hour Ticket: Valid for 48 hours after first use within the expiry date stated on the back of the ticket, Tokyo Subway 72-hour Ticket: Valid for 72 hours after first use within the expiry date stated on the back of the ticket.

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