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Contact 1: +64 7 572 8731: Contact 2: +64 7 572 8765: … It's coming up for seven years since the container ship Rena grounded on the Bay of Plenty's Astrolabe Reef, but it feels like yesterday to Cairns, who says it was "a dark time". Trade Me was publicly listed as a separate entity … With the falling dollar, fuel prices and bunker fuel will go up, which will make the big ships even more attractive.". And he likes the commercial approach to business that a mixed ownership model requires. It is developing an intermodal freight hub in Rolleston. Cairns always aimed to head a publicly listed company. Tony was appointed to the board in November 2014. Phone: +64 7 572 8899: Fax: +64 7 572 8800: General: Marketing: HR: Health & Safety: Emergency & Customer Services. Port of Tauranga Ltd chief executive Mark Cairns said the agreement was beneficial for both parties. Recruiters say engineers make particularly effective chief executives, and Cairns, who has a bachelor of engineering (civil) with first class honours, says he's always been more interested in building people than building bridges. "People say this container port strategy is a lot of rubbish, that exporters in Napier and Lyttelton will always use a direct service to market. The port also had to ensure its operations on land could handle the expected big increase in cargo, particularly containers, and that long-term contracts were secured with the likes of Oji Fibre Solutions, Kotahi (dairy) and Zespri (kiwifruit) to continue to drive container volumes to the port. It's sailing under the flag of [GB] United Kingdom. Advertisement. The aim is to handle up to 3 million containers a year. The Northland Port Corporation was formed in 1988 to take over the commercial port assets of the Northland Harbour Board, and it entered a joint venture with Port of Tauranga Ltd in 2000 to establish Northport Ltd . Port of Tauranga – New Zealand's Port for the Future. I feel incredibly privileged to have had this opportunity. The Port of Melbourne is the largest port for containerised and general cargo in Australia. No-one could call the water sports fan and petrolhead a big noter. So what's next for this company, which Lister says has delivered "an exceptionally good" track record of earnings and dividend growth? This site has been developed to keep our customers, our business partners, our shareholders and our community up to date with what’s happening at Port of Tauranga. It's actually a faster service (for Asia-bound cargo) to come up from Napier to here. He likes the fact that the share register has plenty of mum and dad investors. This week Port of Tauranga raised $100 million through a five-year fixed-rate wholesale bond issue at just 1.02 per cent. Trade Me is an internet auction website operating in New Zealand.Managed by Trade Me Ltd., the site was founded in 1999 by New Zealand entrepreneur Sam Morgan, who sold it to Fairfax in 2006 for NZ$700 million. He currently holds a number of directorships in port related companies. Quayside has assets of over $2.6 billion, including a 54% stake in the Port of Tauranga, as well as other real estate, share and commercial investments. Port of Tauranga owns 190 hectares of land on both sides of Tauranga Harbour, with about 40 hectares still available for development. Port of Tauranga is exactly the opposite." Craigs Investment Partners head of wealth research, Mark Lister, says the strategy has been executed "very well". Jon Safey. The estimated time of arrival as calculated by MyShipTracking vessel tracking app is 2020-12-04 05:05 LT . The Port believes container throughput could more than double in the coming years through land reconfiguration, stacking cranes and other technology. "You'd never catch them making the sorts of decisions that don't have financial discipline behind them and that's been to the benefit of all the retail investors that have done very well out of the port over the years. We welcome your suggestions on how we can improve or expand the information we have available. The Northland Harbour Board first proposed a container port at Marsden Point in the 1960s, at which time Whangarei was served by Port Whangarei, in the upper harbour near the city. "I like the transparency that every dollar you spend is not your own. That's why he also has master of management and bachelor of business studies degrees, qualifications which have helped develop his people skills – right brain territory. Cairns says he has a "fantastic" chief financial officer in Steve Gray, CFO of the year in Deloitte's Top 200 awards last year. It's chalk and cheese," he says. We are the most horizontally and vertically integrated port in the country. Lots of practice," says Cairns, who has spent 13 years helming the port company, 54 per cent owned by the Bay of Plenty Regional Council. Port of Tauranga invested $21 million to buy half of PrimePort in 2013, and set up an inland freight depot at Rolleston over the road from Lyttelton Port's depot to divert more trade to Timaru. One day his blue Holden was parked in Port Rd when Beach Hop organiser Noddy Watts walked past. It's 11 days from here to North Asia.". That's proven not to be the case. Manager: +64 9 583 9688 (internal ext 90688) Email: Shuttle Select. The vessel's current speed is 14.8 Knots and is heading at the port of TAURANGA. Back in his office overlooking the waters off Mt Maunganui after briefing analysts in Auckland and Wellington, he can take a breath and happily contemplate donning his scuba gear for the start of the scallop season, and summer fishing at his favourite spot off Motiti Island, 12 nautical miles away. LEARN MORE. We're continuing to work hard to keep the supply chain running as we move to COVID-19 Alert Level 2. Cairns: "A lot of people say running a port is an easy job because it has a natural monopoly in geographic catchment of cargo. The port also gets wrongly blamed for the traffic congestion that has come with Tauranga's explosive growth, says Cairns. Cairns and his team are well down the track with planning its growth for the next decade. There will come a time I'd love to see we've been able to grow a chief executive within the company. But the port company is the jewel in the crown. This despite the Ports Company Act requiring a port to be operated as a successful business. Morrison, who owns and operates Pak’n Save Tauriko at the centre, says the store has already outperformed his expectations. Establishing an intermodal freight hub at Rolleston will provide South Island exporters with the option to efficiently access Timaru and similarly, importers in the Christchurch area will have the option to ship through Timaru. Port of Tauranga owns a 50% shareholding in PrimePort Timaru and operates its container terminal. Northport Ltd, the operating company of the port at Marsden Point, is jointly owned (50:50) by Port of Tauranga and Marsden Maritime Holdings. "I've had a pretty good innings. Port of Tauranga is New Zealand’s largest port by volume of cargo and New Zealand’s international freight gateway. Close to several major arterial routes, with a train link to the Tauranga container terminal and its own railway siding, MetroPort is a customs bonded area and fully licensed Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry site. She’s been with Port of Tauranga, New Zealand’s largest and most efficient cargo gateway, since 2019 and absolutely loves it. He says "a lot of sweating" also went into the port's ambitious play to accommodate the world's biggest cargo ships, via a six-year, $350 million capital expansion programme to seal its future as New Zealand's premier freight gateway and hub and feeder port. In late 2016, following completion of dredging to deepen and widen the port's shipping channels, the first of the monster ships tied up at Tauranga, the only New Zealand port able to accommodate them on international services. He says his career reward comes from developing people, by giving them the resources, promotion and opportunity to achieve above their personal expectations. IBISWorld provides company profiles on the top 2,000 organisations that drive Australia’s economy. The analysis was gruelling and the commercial risk was high. Home; Parking. "I don't think it'll be in FY19, but pretty sure there's growth there in cargo in FY20 for us.". At 56, I don't feel I've got another CEO gig in me (at a different company). "Compare it with the 100 per cent [council] ownership of the Ports of Auckland. Mostly initially from Auckland through [our] Metroport then through the big ship strategy. The Tauranga Energy Consumer Trust, which owns 26.8% of Trustpower, also deserves an honourable mention, having distributed dividends of about $400 million to consumers and community groups since 1993. "He said 'who owns the Holden? The Port of Tauranga (POT) already owns 50.1 per cent of the country’s largest containerised freight managing company it set up in 2013 to … "It doesn't allow a rational and logical supply chain to develop. If you run it commercially the market will sort itself out," he says, noting official statistics which say 70 per cent of New Zealand's export-import demand comes from the Waikato and north. We've made great strides with getting rail to work for us properly. The 5,500 square metre store employs around 140 staff and thanks to Tauranga Crossing’s positioning near three major highways, welcomes customers from a total trade area of 284,370 shoppers. The Port of Tauranga’s dividend policy is to steadily increase dividends year on year consistent with Company performance. Next Port Tauranga Receiving Tauranga Receiving (Hazardous) Tauranga Receiving (Reefer)* Tauranga Cut-Off; MSC CORINNA (CRN) KE045A: KE045R: KEX: Nelson: 21-Nov-20 11:00: 26-Nov-20 14:05: 27-Nov-20 05:05: Tanjong Pelepas: 14-Nov-20 11:00: 24-Nov-20 13:30: 15-Nov-20 00:01: 24-Nov-20 10:00: MAINE TRADER (MTR) 021: 022: NZS: Napier: 26-Nov-20 19:00: 27-Nov-20 07:05 : 28-Nov-20 11:13: Port … Jon Safey is a Nelson based Professional Director and Consultant. This site has been developed to keep our customers, our business partners, our shareholders and our community up to date with what’s happening at Port of Tauranga. Virtually all our growth has come from catchments outside the Bay of Plenty region. It accounts for 43% of the Bay’s gross regional product and 6.6% of New Zealand’s GDP. "If you look at this [2018 year] result, most of the growth in containers has come from trans-shipments – containers from other ports around the country. Cairns, 56, isn't the one making a meal of his qualifications. Getting out on the water is his stress release. Port of Tauranga is exactly the opposite.". The Port of Tauranga currently owns 50.1% of TLC and is buying the remaining 49.9% that partner Kotahi Logistics LP Ltd has held since 2014. Tauranga Airport features a new check-in area, open space seating, extended views to the runway, and a new café, providing a welcoming space for passengers and visitors. "I've always said that if ports simply priced an investment to achieve a cost of capital return, a natural hierarchy of ports would emerge quite quickly. More than 90 per cent of staff own shares in the company. "But I think our investors must like us if they're happy to buy and hold". We had to back ourselves to attract that cargo. He currently chairs Rangatira Ltd, Douglas Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Northport and Port of Tauranga Ltd. David is also currently a trustee of New Zealand Community Trust. Port of Tauranga Limited receives from the … The New Zealand port sector isn't for the fainthearted. The latest financial results showed the hub port role gaining momentum, with trans-shipments from other New Zealand ports and Australia up 23.3 per cent on the previous year, container volumes up 8.9 per cent, a 13.7 per cent lift in imports and an 8.2 per cent rise in exports. It's shareholders' money. Quayside Holdings, which owns 54.2 percent of Port of Tauranga, reported a 62.4 percent drop in first-half net profit, reflecting losses on its equity portfolio. "The moment I get a feeling from the board or shareholders that it's time for a fresh set of eyes, I'll be off and pursue a professional director career. It operates wharves at Tauranga, Mount Maunganui and Timaru, as well as MetroPort, a rail-linked inland port in South Auckland. The vessel SPIRIT OF MELBOURNE (IMO: 9362413, MMSI: 232013521) is a Container Ship that was built in 2007 ( 13 years old ). Dependent on the level of imputation credits attached to dividends, the Company will pay supplementary dividends to non residential shareholders. We hold investments in other New Zealand ports, stevedoring, marshalling and logistics companies. Cairns says he has a "fantastic" chief financial officer in Steve Gray, CFO of the year in Deloitte's Top 200 awards last year. "For the local council it's been an exceptional investment.". "There's quite significant cargo potential there," says Cairns.

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